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The "ED" Visa

The "ED" Visa is for foreign students, who wish to study in Thailand. A student must apply for this visa outside of the country. It is normally valid for 90 days. ED visa students will study a minimum of 15 hours per week (or 180 hours during the 90-day visa period).

The Student Visa

The Student Visa is a visa extension. Each visa extension will provide the student with 90 more days in Thailand (up to 12 months from the original date of entry).

  • To qualify for this visa

    1. You must have a valid ED Visa in your passport

    2. You must be studying in our program.

    3. You must fulfill all study & attendance requirements.

    4. You must apply in our office during your first week in Thailand.


Student Visa Chiang Mai | ED Visa Thailand
I originally moved to Thailand to study a form of Self-Defense. After looking at Muaythai School and other courses, I was introduced to MR.Jongjet by a friend, I toured the Hand to Hand Combat School and was impressed. They let me watch a class that was in session and I knew that I wanted to join. The methods that they have taught me were more than any class offered. They use Real-Lift types of self defense methods such as hand holds, Muay-Thai Throws, and escape technique. After months of training, I feel more confident in situations. This has allowed me to, Confidently, Recommend this course and school to my friends. MR.Jongjet has been friendly and helpful through, Not only the Visa process, but through our training and class evaluations. Owen Dzelzkalns Student
Student Visa Chiang Mai | ED Visa Thailand
I've just finished my 1-year Hand to Hand Combat Course, and I'm signing up for another year! Not only is the class fun, but I've learn practical skills that could help me out at situations in the future. Jongjet has always been very helpful, above and begond the call of duty. Him and his team are very organised and I've always felt confident having my Visa organised by them. They have even helped me to open bank accounts and organise trips in-out of Thailand during during my stay. I have recommended this school to many Friends and I will continue to do so! Joe Summers Student
Student Visa Chiang Mai | ED Visa Thailand
I can only highly recommend Hand to Hand Combat, Chiang Mai, Besides learning very valuable Self-Defense Skills and also how to avoidlescape an ethical situation, the lessons are fun, not too serious regarding stamina so everybody regardless of age can participate and is very warm welcomed. The instructions are in English and the instructors are motivated and always eager to help should questions arrive. Additionally the school provides an 1 year-ED Visa for those who want seriously study about Self Defense. but also enjoy the wonderful city of Chiang Mai. The school helps with all the paperwork, are highly professional and very pro active if a problem should arise. I give Hand to Hand Combat 10 out of 10 points based on my experience with them. (2 year now) Floriam Beukel Student
Student Visa Chiang Mai | ED Visa Thailand
I have had many amazing martial arts teachers in my life. In my opinion Ajahn's Jet and Mrs are the most amazing teachers in the world! Everyone should study with them. Neil Hirschowitz Student
Student Visa Chiang Mai | ED Visa Thailand
Hand to Hand Combat is a real school. Are staff are very helpfull and a course is great. Best deciside to joins. Floriam Beukel Student
Student Visa Chiang Mai | ED Visa Thailand
I just finished one year at Hand to Hand Combat and it was an amazing experience. The staff was extremely knowledgable, friendly and reliable. I learned extremely important sicills in terms of how to defend myself from attackers and met some great people. Hand to Hand Combat is an excellent school with a great Thai Spirit. Jesse Eli Adam Romm Student
Student Visa Chiang Mai | ED Visa Thailand