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Hand to hand combat

Hand To Hand Combat


Bare hands martial art is from many types of outstanding martial art and select out only strong point or good point of them to be a teaching technique. Due to the villain who may attack you may has weapons or has bigger body or come as a group and we are not be able to fight them so we have to have a good technique to prevent any losing advantage.


Hand to hand combat school teach about self- defense and protection,technical not use power, everybody can learn and teach English languages.

Hand to Hand Combat | ED Visa Thailand

Course Price

฿ 33,000 1 YEAR Self-Defense Courses
  • 180 Hours Course
  • 2 Hr/ Day
  • 2 Day/ Week
  • Teach English Language
  • SAT - SUN
  • Include fee Immigration 3 times
  • Have service at Immigration Office
  • ** GET ED-VISA **

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